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AS Consultant in equip.recycle.net

AS Consultant
As Consultant is engaged in plastic consultancy for the last 16 years. We have clients in China, Nairobi, Nepal, Bangladesh and throughout India. We take project from initiation to commercialization. Followings are the plastic or polymer products we handle : 1. All cable compounds like insulation and sheathings and related master batches. 2. Antifriblation and TPT compound for HDPE/PP Woven sacks and related master batches. 3. EVA shoe compounds. 4. PVC compounds and master batches. 5. XLPE and Semiconductive compounds. 5. Zero Halogen compounds. 6. Soft drink bottle gasket compound both PVC and Non-PVC compound. 7. Pepsi Blue and Coke red master batches. 8. Bio degradable polymers / plastics. 9. Water soluble plastic film. 10. Unsaturated polyester resin for railway traction motor insultaion. 11. Mica varnish. 12. Polyol for Shoe sole and rigid application. 13. Putty resin. 14. Water soluble polyester resin and coating. 15. Poly vinyl formal and poly vinyl acetate. 16. High BDV polyester resin.

AS Consultant
New Delhi Delhi

Contact : Ajoy Bag
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