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( Centrifuges )

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Used Medical Equipment
( Grade : Centrifuges )

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Shipping Pt. / Location: INDIA, BHUBANESWAR ORISSA

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Quantity Units Frequency
1 each Day
Price Funds Per Unit
16000 UK each
Infusion Pumps, IV Stands - Syringe pump. Infusion devices are mechanical pumps used to administer liquid drugs. iFlow rate and volume infused are pre-set. Usually, the infusion device has inbuilt sensors to detect air in the line and pressure sensors to stop the pump in the event of a blockage or occlusion. A peristaltic mechanism to drive the fluid through the line is the most common type of infusion pump.

Shipping Pt. / Location: PAKISTAN, SIALKOT SIAKOT

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Quantity Units Frequency
30000 Kg. Year
Price Funds Per Unit
2to 1500 USD Kg.
Dental Equipment - All dental and surgical instruments orthopaedic dental etc from sialkot . Drills, Light Source, Suction, Compressed Air, Dental Chair, Anesthetic Machines, Oxygen and Resuscitation Machines.

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